The rules of the game are as follows:

  • Grab a Labyrinth 4-pack directly from our brewery (148 Forest Street, Manchester CT) or at your local package store.
  • Find the all the following locations with the hints and images given below. All of these locations are in Manchester, CT.
  • Once the location is found take a selfie of yourself with your favorite Labyrinth brew. 
  • Tag @labyrinthbrewing on social media and use the hashtag #ctbeerdrinkers and #destinationmanchester
  • Please DO NOT mention the location. Keep it secret, keep it safe.
  • Game starts on July 1st and ends on September 1st.
  • The first 3 people to complete the scavenger hunt will receive a prize.
    • First prize – $75 gift card 
    • Second prize – $50 gift card
    • Third prize – $25 gift card

Hint one:

This nature preserve is fifty-two acres and owned by the Town of Manchester and the Lutz Children’s Museum.

Hint Two:

This location is part of both a newly renovated park, as well as, a trail that runs from Maine to Florida.

Hint three:

This is the smaller of two reservoirs that are connected by loads of hiking trails. Home to geese families and someone’s giant koi fish who now inhabits these waters. 

Hint Four:

This trail follows part of the corridor of the South Manchester Railroad, built by the Cheney brothers in 1869.

Hint Five:

Popular trail network just southeast of Main Street in Manchester that was created by the Case Family “in the spirit of the romantic landscape ideal of the late Victorian era”.

Hint Six:

Artists ARCY, Ben Keller, and Corey Pane, painted this wall to celebrate heroes of the fight for equality. 

Hint Seven:

This local Manchester park is equipped with a fitness trail, is connected to hiking trails, and is a popular fishing spot. 

Hint Eight:

This reservoir is the bigger of two drinking water reservoirs in town and can be seen from the highway (384).