Our Team

Chris, Sean, and AdamWe deliver a brewery experience unlike any other through an unsurpassed focus on quality, creativity and community. Your journey begins here…

Our Team


Team member Chris Walnum, Head BrewerChris began his brewing career much like so many before him, with a homebrew kit he received for Christmas from his now wife. He’d always had a passion for cooking and for craft beer. Merging the two just seemed logical. Since that fateful Christmas Day so many years ago, Chris has won countless awards for his creations, founded Brew Heads of CT homebrew club and became a founding member and co-head brewer of Labyrinth Brewing Company.

Those who knew Chris during his home brewing years know that he has always loved sharing his creations. His taps are always open to his fellow Brew Heads club members, neighbors, friends and family (making his house a popular destination for the thirsty!).

Chris sees the brewery as an outlet to share his brews with new friends within the community and a destination for traveling craft beer enthusiasts in search of creative, fresh and passionately crafted beers. -Slainte!


Team member Sean Gaura, Head Brewer Sean’s love for craft beer stems back to the mid 90’s when flannels were at their peak of popularity. He didn’t know it at the time but choosing those craft brews instead of the “go to” mass produced variety would have a big influence in his much wiser 30’s. Brewing was always on his “bucket list” but it wasn’t until life threw him a curve ball that he decided to take the plunge. Needless to say after his first brew he was hooked and tumbling fast down the rabbit hole. There may only be four main ingredients but with those comes a particular enjoyment from the science behind combining these ingredients that drives Sean to seek more information and ultimately produce the finest beer possible.

Feel free to stop in and talk to Sean about beer, cycling, and music. All of which will be met with the same enthusiasm and passion that you can taste in every beer brewed at Labyrinth Brewing Company. -Cheers!


Team member Adam Delaura, Head of MarketingAdam’s relationship with brewing beer started when he joined a home brewing club and discovered a garage full of friends. There was no turning back after he created his first brew, in honor of his late father. Soon afterwards he was working late nights practicing the art of brewing delicious traditional styles as well as experimenting with unusual ingredients. Eventually life created an opportunity for him to take his father’s advice and pursue something he was passionate about, so he became a founding member of Labyrinth Brewing Company.

Adam has an appreciation for all styles of beer but his personal favorites are Imperial Stout and ESB. In addition to beer, Adam is serious about role playing games and public libraries. Introduce yourself to him next time you visit Labyrinth Brewing Company. -Huzzah!