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Hops on a vine

We’ve assembled a tasting panel of beer drinkers with diverse backgrounds to help us determine which of our recipes will go to market when LBC opens its doors.

This panel consists of nationally recognized beer judges, professional brewers, home brewers, beer ingredient suppliers, bloggers, gastropub owners, bar managers and “average joe” craft beer enthusiasts. The tasting panel receives new recipes and scores them based on appearance, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel and an overall impression of the brews.

In order for us to consider putting one of our brews in front of our future customers, it needs to be a unanimous win with the tasting panel. We know we brew great beer, but this panel is what will allow us to truly bring the best and most desirable products to our taps.



Pilot Beer Scoresheet

The 50 point scoring system puts our beers into 3 rough categories:
Less than 35 points (3.5 out of 5.0 stars) gets a D (Discard recipe).
36-42 (3.5 – 4.25 stars) gets an M for Modifications to be made based on panel notes.
43-50 (4.25 – 5 stars ) gets a K for Keeper!
TBD are still being tallied.

Average Score Style Version
M Amber 1.0
M IPA 1.0
M Imperial Red 1.0
M Belgian Golden Strong 1.0
M Porter 1.0
M Pale Ale 1.0
K Oatmeal Stout 1.0
D IPA 2.0
M Scottish 80 1.0
K Strong Ale 1.0
M IPA 3.0
K Pale Ale 2.0
M Rye IPA 1.0
D Pale Ale 1.2
K Porter 1.2
K Session IPA 1.0
K Pilot IPA (New England-style) 4
D Imperial Brown 1
D Blonde 1.2
D E.S.B. 1.2
M Saison 1.0
K Raspberry Wheat 1.0
M Pilot IIPA 1.0
M Iperial Red 2.0
M Pilot Lime Gose 1.0
M Pilot Pumkin Saison 1.0
M Pilot IPA 7.0
K Cream Ale 1.0
TBD Belgian Dark Strong 1.0

We are constantly tweaking our recipes and we plan to update this list as we progress. Have a question about our tasting panel? Contact us: Info@LBC.Beer.